How To Live Dangerously

Written and Performed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord.

Available for touring from March 2020.

This is a show about fear. About how it influences everything we do. And about how we still pretend it isn’t there.

It’s about the stuff you miss out on because you’re scared and the stuff that fear forces you into against your will.

It's about that feeling of wanting to do anything just to stop feeling like this.

It’s a show about exactly how long you’d need to leave your child unattended before a paedophile kidnapped them (500,000 years) and how many pets people killed in the first four days of the second

world war (400,000).

From monsters under the bed to muslim extremism, it’s a show about our closest invisible frenemy and how it secretly controls our lives

"Brilliant on what it's like to live in these times"

Amber Massie-Blomfield

"An intimate personal story that was, at every moment about society and about every person in the room... that speaks both outwards, politically, and inwards to the timid heart."

Maddy Costa

Upcoming performances:

New tour dates to be announced soon!

How To Live Dangerously is a Theatre in the Mill commission, funded by Arts Council England and supported by Arch 468, In Good Company and Derby Theatre.

Email: rebecca [at]                    

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