The Legacy Tapes: Natalie Ibu

This is the eighth in my series of podcasts for Exeunt magazine exploring ideas of how to leave something lasting and meaningful in the ephemeral medium of theatre. I'm going to be talking to all sorts of folk who head up organisations dedicated to theatre and performance. Some of them I'll agree with, some I wont. Hopefully we'll sometimes make each other think newly shaped thoughts. The conversations will be rambling and far reaching, but I hope that collectively they'll form a picture of what we're all doing and why.

Let's be clear; I'm doing this because I want theatre that changes the world. I make theatre because I believe that a society is constructed from the stories it tells about itself. Stories can't just change the world; they ARE the world. And knowing that, who wouldn't want to be the storyteller?

The Legacy Tapes podcasts are available on iTunes. Just search for 'Pursued by a Bear' by Exeunt Magazine. Or you can Click on Natalie's face to have a listen.

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