Snowballing is a CPT Commission


Written and Performed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord & Greg Wohead

In Development

Rebecca and Greg both like sex. They like doing it. They like thinking about it. They like watching it. Sometimes, it’s the only thing they talk about. And now they’re making a show. A sex show.


In this work–in–development, they’ll pass their own experiences, fantasies, mistakes and hopes about sex and relationships back and forth in a sloppy mess, groping for a new understanding. They don’t know quite what it will be yet, but they do know that it will be dripping in bodily fluids and light on shame. They hope it will be like a wildly misinterpreted sext, that porn scene you can’t believe gets you off or the dirty talk that takes an unexpected turn.


Even identical genital acts mean very different things to different people. This is a crucial point to remember, and also a difficult one. It reminds us that there is difference right where we may be looking for, and expecting, communion. 

Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts


To jerk or not to jerk that is the question 

Duncan Black, porn performer (via Twitter)

Work in Development Performances:


10 & 11 May 2017  at 9pm Camden People's Theatre  BOOK TICKETS

Email: rebecca [at]                    

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