"Thought-provoking autobiographical exploration of the relationship between accent and class."

Natasha Tripney (The Stage)

The Class Project

Written and Performed by Rebecca Atkinson-Lord

Available for touring.

This is a show about belonging. About tribes and families.  About the place you belong because you were born there; the places that are in your blood but also the places you adopt; that you pretend are your home and the places you change yourself to try and belong in. 


It’s about class mobility. And regional identity. And being a Thatcher’s child. It’s about education and 'making good’ for yourself. And maybe about how that can leave you exiled from the place you started. With nowhere to quite belong. 

It’s about always being an imposter and trying to remember how to speak in your own voice. 


I’ve been thinking about it for a lifetime.  

" A thoughtful and moving piece about social mobility, class warfare... and what happens when you lose your real voice. " 

Lyn Gardner (Guardian)

Upcoming performances:

New tour dates to be announced soon!

"Expertly made, inviting all of us to question how much of our own class is an outward protection, and how malleable that might be, depending on what we choose to leave behind."

David Pollock (The Scotsman)

The Class Project is a Theatre in the Mill commission, funded by Arts Council England and supported by ARC Stockton, Derby Theatre, The Bike Shed, Arch 468 and the Old Vic and by China Plate, mac birmingham, Warwick Arts Centre and In Good Company through the First Bite Festival.

Email: rebecca [at] arch468.com                    

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