Who I am. Where I come from.


I'm from Wolverhampton via Crete (it's a long story), so grew up with a dual cultural identity.


I studied Ancient History and Classics at Bristol (to feed my early obsession with brilliant stories), then went to RADA to train as a director. 


In 2008 I founded Arch 468, a theatre development space in Brixton that's dedicated to finding new ways to make and think about theatre. Arch 468 blazes new trails to shape the arts ecology of the future.


From 2010 - 2016, I was Co-Director of Theatre at Ovalhouse where I commissioned, developed and co-produced more than 80 new pieces of theatre and, in addition to the organisation's NPO settlement, raised over £1.5 million for artists and their work.


Right now, I'm thinking about how theatre can be a rare voice for liberalism and complexity in a world that seems to want authoritarian simplicity.


I make theatre to understand and be understood.


I want theatre that changes how I think about the world.


I want stories full of fallible, messy, honest humanity that flirt with truth.


I work in lots of different ways across several genres.


I'm a director, producer, writer, performer, deviser, provocateur, facilitator and coach.

(You can find out how to work with me here.)


As a director & theatre maker, my work is often characterised by


  • Strong visual and psychological dynamics

  • A distinct visual language

  • Complexity of narrative and emotion

  • Truthful, nuanced, brave performances

  • Infectious energy

  • Intricate detail

  • Mischief and a sense of danger

  • Care for the audience

Email: rebecca [at] arch468.com                    

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