as Director 

I'm available for freelance directing on a project by project basis. I've worked in classics, new writing, musicals, opera, cabaret, devising and contemporary performance. I'm best at things that communicate in emotional and visceral ways rather than the purely cerebral and I'm a sucker for a big idea that just might change the world. You can contact me directly or via my agent here.


as Producer

I'm an experienced producer of contemporary performance and new writing. If you'd like to talk to me about producing your work, please get in touch. A good place to start is a short email telling me about you and the thing you want to make with an idea of what your ambitions and timescale might be. I'm most interested in projects that complement the aesthetic of my own creative work that I can advocate for wholeheartedly. 


as Provocateur / Facilitator / Mentor  

Over the past five years I have facilitated or mentored artists to make more than 80 new pieces of theatre and performance. I'm good at making artists see the thing they're overlooking, face the thing they're avoiding and articulate the thing they don't know the words for. I've worked with artists and theatre makers including Greg Wohead, Rachel Mars, Ira Brand, Jamie Wood, Christopher Brett Bailey, Angela Clerkin, Seriol Davies, Shireen Mula, Janine Fletcher, Dirty Market, Xavier de Sousa, Jake Orr, Nick Field and Chris Ioan Roberts. If you want me to tickle you into making the thing you need to make, then drop me a line and we can start a conversation over a cuppa.


for fundraising advice

Since 2010 I have raised more than £1.5 million for artists and their work. If you need help with a funding application then I'm very happy to advise, offer notes or write it with you. You can start a converstaion by emailing me a bit about the project and what you need to acheive.


in some other way

I want my life to be interesting. If you want to collaborate in a way I haven't thought of, the chances are I'll be up for it. Get in touch.

Email: rebecca [at]                    

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